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BMW ICOM A2 vs. ICOM Next vs. INPA vs. E-sys

Any cost-effective DIY solution of BMW diagnostic/coding/programming?

Yes, first you should know which a BMW ICOM cable you need: K+DCAN or ENET or ICOM A2/ ICOM Next.

  INPA K+DCAN cable


(switch mode)




Image  bmw-enet-esys  bmw-inpa-k-can-cable bmw-icom-next-wifi
Price $17.99 $11.99 $300 around
Vehicle For Exx cars For Fxx cars For ALL Exx & Fxx cars


(BMW E, F, G, I, Alpina series cars, MINI and Rolls-Royce from 1985 – 2017)

Software Inpa 5.0.2



E sys 3.23.4







NCS Expert


E-Sys 3.27.1

BMW AiCoder

BMW FSC code generator

Diagnostic Yes Yes Yes
Coding Yes Yes Yes
Programming No Yes Yes

In summary,

It depends on your purpose (diagnostic or coding or programming) and model (Exx or Fxx or others).


For Coding, you need different Tools, NCS Expert / SP-Daten for E-Series and E-Sys / PSdZData for F-Series.

All Diagnosis and Coding can be done with cheap DCAN Cable for E-Series and cheap ENET Cable for F-Series.


For Programming (Flashing ECU’s with new Firmware), then you need ISTA/P for for both E-Series and F-Series cars, or you can use WinKFP for E-Series and E-Sys for F-Series. For E-Series Programming, you will need an ICOM, but for F-Series Programming, you can use ENET Cable.


For Exx- Series:

Interface = K+DCAN Cable (OBDII to USB) or ICOM

ECU Data Files = SP-Daten

NCS Expert = Coding Software

WinKFP = Programming (Flashing) Software

EDIABAS = Low-Level ECU Communication Software used by NCS Expert & WinKFP


For Fxx- / Ixx- / Gxx-Series, Mini, & Rolls-Royce:

Interface = ENET Cable (OBDII to RJ45 Ethernet) or ICOM

ECU Data Files = PSdZData

E-Sys = Coding Software

E-Sys = Programming (Flashing) Software



ICOM A (also ICOM A2, ICOM A3, ICOM Next A): main interface

ICOM B: adapter for programming multimedia in E series

ICOM C: adapter for old BMW with round 20 pin diagnostic plug

ICOM D: adapter for motorcycles

ISTA+ (AKA Rheingold or ISTA-D)

DIAGNOSTICS for All Vehicles

PROGRAMMING for F/I/G/RR & MINI, but requires an ICOM


PROGRAMMING traditionally for all chassis, but is being phased out by August 2017, except for legacy E-series.

Replacement ECU’s must be NEW


YOU HAVE TO KNOW before you buy ICOM A2 or ICOM A3 or ICOM Next:



-> much faster in BMW F and G series ..

-> supports gigabit Ethernet too to be future proof, there currently is not gigabit Ethernet protocol defined yet for autos. Also it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card. 





-> more stable during programming

-> be necessary for the future Gbit cars

-> faster start-up times and high throughput

-> through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC

-> improved handling

-> more flexible OBD cable

-> lighted button for logs




Modified ICOM A2 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity. And robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments. It works better in cooling, runs faster and works more stable, not easier broken than older ICOM A.


ICOM A3 can program all units for all BMW series expect media system, and work more stable and has stronger compatibility than ICOM A2, A1.

(Solved) BMW ICOM Cannot Read BMW F-series

Need help setting up BMW ICOM Rheingold, does not read F series
There is a diagnostic interface BMW ICOM A2 A + B + C, a Chinese clone.
Installed simply by installation, works fine reads scans, diagnoses, Version
THERE IS A PROBLEM! Do not read the BMW F-series
Says it was not possible to identify the car.
What to do?
Working solution:
Put in the VCI Configuration check box is not for the item “Prefer Ethernet as the preferred communication channel for ICOM.”
Test Result:
It works, thanks.

Register BMW 7 series Battery with INPA and Toolset32

The battery needs to be registered when you replace it on BMW 7 series (5 series, 6 series etc). Here is the guide to show you how to register new battery with INPA or Ediabas toolset32.

Note: This is just for REGISTERING THE SAME SIZE BATTERY. You are at your risk.

First with BMW INPA software:


With Ediabas toolset32:


first go to file then click F3 then select POW_E65.prg

in the second pic double click the command (steuern_batterietausch_registrieren) just ones and you are done .

remember this is for registering the same size battery not for retrofitting another size , if you want to retrofit 90AGM battery you need to register the battery with DIS/ISTA because DIS/ISTA well register only 90AGM battery , if you want to retrofit another battery size you have to use NCS expert.

FAQ about register BMW battery:
Q: We always used inpa. Should i use both or registering with inpa is enough
A: registering ones is enough , some ppl have problem with INPA registering there battery so i put toolset32 .

Q:  what is this battery thing ( registration ) with what? the car computer ?
So if you take out the battery and say get a sears diehard gold . what happens can someone
explain . will another battery work ( doesn't it just see a 12 volt power supply?

A:You need AGM battery. It must be registered. Otherwise it wont charge properly. Our cars are very sensitive. If your battery is low or doesn't get charged properly u will get different errors and faults. Your car need to know how it needs to charge battery thats why u need to register it. You can go to dealer, or u can set up bmw tools and do it yourself.

Q: Where do i get the software and cables to register my battery??
A: BMW ICOM Next or BMW ICOM A2 with ISTA and engineering software INPA, Ediabas, Ncs expert etc. Check here BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C with V2017.05 Software ISTA-D 4.05.20
 ISTA-P etc. You can also download ista torrent on forums and use with INPA K+DCAN cable. Better go for INPA. If you are not good using software programmers, you can buy Foxwell NT510 BMW multi-system scanner that can be directly plugged into the OBD II port. It is located by the drivers door Behind a little flap near the lower hinge area. It is more expensive but can do more things and is specifically programmed for BMW/Mini.

The error above should be with INPA (using INPA ) I get "group file: D_POW.SYS-0012: Identification error" with no space between D and : but the system is making it an emoticon.


A:You might need to Update your Daten files . Better buy newer software package.

BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.05.31 ISTA-P 3.61.4 Free on Mega

Good news for sharing: 05.2017 BMW ISTA 4.05.31 is released now!

Here obdii365 again to provide you free download link to BMW ISTA 4.05.31 Standalone+ SQLiteDBs 4.05.30 + ISTA-P Hope it helps!



Download BMW Rheingold ISTA 4.05.31 Standalone + SQLiteDBs:!ltY1jDzD!GyaBgKvZ_h3IK5W0zjaZ5cqB7pL8iNdrnTVMRAkm1eQ


Standalone versions of ISTA-D and ISTA-P.

SQLiteDBs 4.05.30, including RU, EN, DE, OTHER.

Use 7-zip 16.04 or higher to unpack archives.

All installed and ready to work.

Instructions for installation, configuration and solution of possible errors, is located in the Tools folder (FAQ-RU.pdf and FAQ-EN.pdf).

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to view PDF files.


(Thanks to Spider80’s sharing! For ISTA-P Loader thanks to beemerboy88.)

Note: Please enjoy this new update at your own risk!

If you are looking for a tested 100% OK version, here V2017.03 BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.04.12 HDD WIN7 Multi-language is your best choice.


BMW ISTA 4.05.31 Tools Recommended







Useful Tips for BMW ISTA 4.05.31 Installation

Recommend to install BMW ISTA in VMware WS V12x with Win7 x64 Guest. Earlier VMware versions down to 10 probably as well.


VM WS installation portability is a very important issue.


For disk space need runs to 350 GB.


X86 apps in VM x64 environment like itoolradar may arose a java problem.


Running ISTA /P requires good charging equipment with constant additional load otherwise it will quit session .

BMW currently advices supply > 70A. For older cars like E-series, 25A seem to be ok.

BMW Rheingold 4.03.31 ISTA-P 3.60 Free Torrent

Here is customer share the newest version of BMW ICOM A2 Rheingold 4.03.31+SDP 4.03.30+ISTA-P, thanks to beemerboy88 and spider80, good luck and enjoy it on your own risk!
Standalone versions of ISTA-D and ISTA-P.
SQLiteDBs 4.03.30, including RU, EN, DE, OTHER.
BMW ICOM A2 Rheingold 4.03.31 1
BMW ICOM A2 Rheingold 4.03.31-2
Free download link(Mega)
Required interfaces of BMW Rheingold 4.03.31:
BMW INPA K+DCAN USB cable or BMW ENET cable (need special setting)
For unpack archives use 7-zip 16.04 or higher.
All installed and ready to work.
Instructions for installation, configuration and solution of possible errors, is located in the Tools folder (FAQ-RU.pdf and FAQ-EN.pdf).
Read FAQs carefully in Tools folder before ask the questions !!!
ISTA-P – 112 GB
Service Data (SDP) – 70 GB
What’s included in torrent:
included in torrent

BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.02 ISTA-P 3.60 with Engineering Software

Latest V2016.12 BMW ICOM Software ISTA-D 4.02.12 ISTA-P With Engineer programming windows 7 hard drive is released in


Works along with BMW ICOM, BMW ICOM A2, BMW ICOM A3, BMW ICOM Next


BMW ICOM Software Version:

ISTA-D 4.02.12
VIN: 2016.9.12
Not connected 9000 days remaining

BMW ETK: 2016.12
BMW KSD 09.2016 Multilanguage
With free BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS, WinKFP, E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0), BMW FSC code generator and BMW AiCoder

Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

BMW ICOM System Requirements:

Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory

Supported Model:

We recommend you use this ICOM Software with Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.


2016.12V BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.02 ISTA-P 3.60 Software Display:



ICOM D DIY experience on BMW bike S1000RR

Here, i’d like to share some experience of programming experience of my bike s1000rr with two bmw cables. Also solutions for ISTA-D 3.48 error: message “Unable to identify vehicle”.
Bike: BMW S1000RR 2011
Tools i’m using: INPA K+DCAN USB cable and ICOM D adapter
With software: Rheingold (ISTA-D) v3.48
Laptop’s OS: Windows 7 32 bit.
Puzzle: I have K+DCAN cable and ICOM-D adapter but bike cannot get connected with ISTA-D 3.48. I get error: "Unable to identify vehicle. Please check vehicle communication interface and vehicle ignition (must be set to ON).”.
Ps. Same software is working fine with my F3x -serie car (with K+DCAN and/or ENET cable).

Bike and ICOM D: My s1000rr is 2011 and bike’s service plug 10 pin socket has pin 1, 4, 6 and 10 in use, no pin 2 in use. With voltage gauge I measured that signal is going through ICOM-D cable's OBD port:
10pin --> obd2
1 --> 7
4 --> 4 and 5
6 --> 16
10 --> 1

Here is what i did.
I have installed EDIABAS and tried to change com ports (in obd.ini) according to laptop’s usb port com etc. I have changed in laptop’s device manager latency of port to 1. Feeding additional electricity to battery with separate charger, tried engine running but not working.

When I try to read vechile info via Rheingold, K+DCAN cable’s little light flashes once briefly and then stops and gets the error in software.

Tried time and time again with methods online. I solved my problem, at least partly.

I can now connect to all of my bike’s ecus and read live data, reset service indicator after service etc. Although I cannot make for example ABS unit’s bleeding (in case of I would like to change all break lines and some other this kind of jobs).

I removed all old stuff and re-installed software. I also downgraded USB serial driver version. I found via Google that there might be problem with Chinese cables which not necessarily have genuine FTDI chip. The newest driver versions won’t necessarily work with fake FTDI chips.

I cleaned com ports via Windows regedit and configured there serial port RxFIFO and TxFIFO values and put force_fifo_enable on. If I remember it correctly it was off at some point in my trials.

I also made own cable between bike’s 10-round pin adapter and k+dcan cable. Or actually it’s not real cable, just set of separate wires which I connect from motorcycle’s round adapter pins straight to K+DCAN cable’s pins. I haven’t tried to connect to motorcycle with icom-d cable since then so I don’t know whether it would work nowadays after other changes I made.

I was lazy and made many changes at the same time so root cause for my earlier problems is not totally clear.

I am not sure whether I should have BMW ICOM A2 entity in order to get rest of Rheingold functionalities to work. But at the moment I am happy with those functionalities I have now available.


Perhaps to help somebody else.

Reflash BMW ZGM, BMW ICOM or ENET E-sys

Here are some tips aimed to help reflash BMW F series ZGM with E-sys v3.22.5 coding software.
to reflash BMW ZGM for F series
BMW ENET (OBDII to Ethernet) cable?
BMW ICOM A2 emulator?
–> tools discussion quoted from a bmw forum:
SanDiegoF12: Why is an BMW ICOM A2 required instead of just using the OBDII to Ethernet cable?
erdengurcan: ICOM A2 more stable than enet cable. For example: When you update ZGW via ENET, sometimes car stays on transport mode. But via ICOM it always come back to normal mode.
2real4u: A more technical reason is lack of DHCP server when connecting with ENET interface. This does not affect connection over DCAN, which is supported by BMW ICOM, but cannot be accomplished with ENET cable.
Working BMW E-sys v3.22.5 and psdzdata v49.4:


[Tips] How to reflash BMW ZGM with E-Sys?
Error message when fail to flash ZGM:
MCDDiagService id=240900, , service=RC_GAC – RoutineControl GetActualConfig, description=error: timeout, link=Physical request to ECU with address 0×10>
possible solutions:
*Use direct connection via gateway url instead of via vin to tcp://ip address of your car:6801 eg tcp://
*In Tal Processing | Parameters uncheck “Switch gateway(s) to programming mode”
Hope this helps anyone.

2016.4V BMW Super iCOM ISTA/D 3.54 Update Manual

Super iCOM is one of the best after-market software for BMW diagnostic, coding, programming in the world, it is also an up-to-date software for online upgrade directly, software installed based on Windows® 8.1 64Bit OS, fit for most of the laptops/ PC in the market with SATA port. 

Super iCOM for BMW ICOM/ BMW ICOM A2 software has newly updated to V2016.4.

ISTA/D 3.54.12
VIN: 2016.04

· The SUPER iCOM Updater is special tool for authorized SUPER ICOM user, and this tool is for upgrade only. We do not pay any responsibility if you update other software.
· The SUPER iCOM Updater must run inside SUPER iCOM system, please do not run in your own local system.

The entire authorized users are able to find the serial number [SUPER2015XXX] in your mobile HDD, and password [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx] in the password envelope which come with the SUPER ICOM tools.
Upgrade ID: Your serial number
Upgrade password: Last 8 digital numbers inside your Password envelope


How to update Super iCOM software?
1. Double click the Super ICOM Updater icon on the desktop
2. Input the Serial number and password
3. choose the version you want to upgrade
4. wait for the download process finish
5. Install the update files.


Laptop Hardware requirements:
CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 and above (i5 Recommend)
RAM: 2Gb and above (4Gb Recommend)
USB: 2.0 and above

How to find my password if I lost the Password envelope?
You can click the forget password and input necessary, we will verify your info and send to your email with new password.
How to renew my account if it is expired?
You can click renew button and input the new code which you could purchase from our local dealer.



Super iCOM Updater User Manual

How to find ZB number by WinKFP on E46 2003 325i

This is the instruction on how to find ZB number with BMW ICOM WinKFP tool 32 bit version 5.3.1 in order to program the UIF.



BMW E46 2003 325i


Device used:

BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic scanner with WinKFP software

Laptop with Windows 7/ 8 operating system


Steps to find DME ZUSB:

Click on F1- Comfort mode

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (1)

Click on F3- Update ZUSB

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (2)

Select ECU: MDS451, click OK

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (3)

Click on F4- Enter VIN

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (4)

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (5)


VIN error 307, click OK

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (6)

Click on F8- Done, then Click on F3- Update ZUSB

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (7)

ECU -> ZBNr.from UIF: 7532780
Update -> current ZBNr.:7561526
Program current ZBNr.?

Click Yes to program current ZBNr

winKFP-Update-ZUSB (8)

about 5 minutes to program the UIF


if you’ve not had interrupted power supply or corrupt files or did something silly, it will go smoothly and you will be rewarded with this ICOM screen to say PROGRAMMING OKAY

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