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The automotive airbag Kai explosive circumstances

A normal airbag car diagnostic tool Kai burst is collision satisfy particular situations, the amount of website traffic accidents, vehicle occupant injury or perhaps life-threatening, the car close to retirement, but reach airbag Kai burst circumstances, the air bag or will not open.

The following airbags may possibly not start off blasting:

1, hit the front on the automobile and nonetheless precisely the same weight, even though the speed meet the requirements, but the air bag may perhaps not start out blasting.

2, the direction of influence as well as the point of influence deviates from the center in the vehicle;

3, with trees, very simple fence easily deformed objects collision;

4, compact vehicles X431 GX3 and massive automobiles the rear from the rear-end (drill into);

5, other physique parts other than the crew compartment by a side effect or oblique influence.

The following airbags may well explosion Kai:

1, to a particular speed frontal collision doesn't move, no deformation with the wall;

2, a frontal collision at a specific speed is not moving, no deformation on the pillar-shaped object;

3, the bottom from the moving car Launch X431 GX3 to robust shocks.


Because from the the airbag detonation at a very rapid speed speedy expansion, so the crew in make contact with using the airbag might trigger injury. When driving or riding in autos equipped with airbags, adjusted the seat position, correctly fasten your seat belts, seat belt shoulder, below the lumbar spine as a lot as you possibly can. Pregnant females, young children and carrying a child passengers non-sitting within the passenger seat to sit on the back seat. For young youngsters, make use of the kid vehicle seat, safe the youngster seat in the rear seat, and its wear seatbelts.

Fault Diagnosis of automotive brake systems overhaul

1, the braking effect car diagnostic tool is adverse vehicles with braking, the braking deceleration is small, the braking distance is long. Is normally due to: 1. Slave cylinder or master cylinder oil leakage can not guarantee sufficient oil pressure; brake failure; 3. Brake lines penetrate the air. The causes for poor braking performance hydraulic brake method may perhaps commonly be based on the brake pedal stroke, pedal when the brake pedal feeling of soft and hard, the subsequent step to decide the stability in the brake pedal.

Maintain brake pedal height slow decline, ruptured brake line somewhere, poorly sealed joints, master cylinder or wheel cylinder piston seal undesirable, poor oil return valve and valve. Be the very first step around the brake pedal and observe no matter if the brake fluid leakage location. In the event the external regular, you need to verify the wheel cylinder or master cylinder failure. Consecutive kicks brake pedal height is slightly enhanced, as well as a bomb sexy, infiltrated the air inside the brake lines.

2, the brake abruptly failed

The auto Launch X431 GX3 is moving, kick or kicks within a row brake, brake pedal have been riding inside the finish, brake all of a sudden failed. Factors: 1. Brake Master Cylinder oil spill critical; 2. Brake master cylinder or wheel cylinder piston seal is damaged, or also much air in the brake oil line. If this happens, the driver must be speedy succession feet on the brakes. The occurrence with the failure in the brake failure, must be quickly stopped and checked. Very first, observe no matter if the loss of brake fluid within the brake fluid tank, and after that observe the brake master cylinders, wheel cylinders, tubing leaks brake fluid.

3, the brake deviation

Braking, the path of deviation, particularly cars not equipped with ABS anti-lock braking devices, directional handle can not, the purpose for uneven brake put on, master cylinder, a piston oil seal expansion, a wheel cylinder because of the oil spill.

4, Brake jitter

Shimmy, steering wheel play the hand brake. Swing differential overrun brake disc deformation of your brake caliper, brake pads ground into a cone. This occurs should be into the factory for repair.

5, the brake squeaky

Generally Launch X431 GX3 brake discs, brake pads or brake drum, on account of the uneven shoe put on.

6, brake back

The brake pedal was both high and challenging, there is certainly no free of charge travel, vehicles tough to start or driving effort. Failure phenomenon: step on the brake pedal, the pedal does not rise with out resistance. Need to have to determine whether the brake fluid missing; brake wheel cylinders, piping and joints for leakage; master cylinder, wheel cylinder components for damage.

How you can solve the car or truck flameout

Car flameout causes:

1, automatic launch x431 gx3 transmission models are usually not prone for the phenomenon of flame, manual models driving level isn't higher, it might often turn off phenomenon. But doesn't rule out the automatic transmission auto doesn't appear the phenomenon of flame, the key purpose is the use of low-grade fuel (numerous gas stations as a way to obtain huge income selling impure oil) causing the engine carbon deposits and flame.

2, Furthermore, the new car (automatic transmission) flame mainly not skilled adequate driving capabilities, an additional possibility is definitely the automobile engine or the oil issue, but for the new vehicle, the engine itself, the issue significantly less probably to little, most of the passage.

3, the final for the old model, the flame as well as driving expertise are usually not skilled enough, which is, use isn't as much as the high quality from the oil the engine set carbon due to flameout.

Automatic transmission auto is turned off troubleshooting methods:

Usually pay focus to the location: automatic transmission auto flameout phenomenon or caused by poor-quality fuel. To the regular larger gas station and high-grade oil, for instance the use of 97 gasoline, even though the value is really a lot far more highly-priced, but you could guard the auto a longer life and exercise in superior energy. Having said that, some auto owners just for the sake of low-cost oil plus 90, despite the fact that the cost can be a small decrease, but inside the future might have issues. Second is usually to visit a big pass a gas station!

The actual launch x431 gx3 operation: left hand grasp the steering wheel to stabilize the direction (due to the fact there is certainly no aid, so it have to be tough to stabilize), correct foot tough around the brakes to lessen the speed as substantially as you can, and then rapidly hit the AT file N file (Note: moving on once more The fire have to be within the N file can not be D / R / P, as well as other files, Otherwise, the vehicle either beat the fire, or the vehicle gearbox will probably be broken), and then the backspace key, and then re-ignition, then AT file bit D file restored to regular driving.

Manual car or truck flameout troubleshooting procedures:

1, for the novice, the flame halfway will not be a brand new subject, exclusion swift run-in to enhance their driving skills.

2, the usage of high-standard high-quality certified fuel.

3, comprehensive the car diagnostic tool cleaning of oil a will, like fuel injectors, throttle, fuel tank. May possibly be you add the oil high-quality is, an excessive amount of in the mastic, blocked oil line, tapping oil caused by poor.

4, The cause of the malfunction, turn off the vehicle idle state is excessive dust within the air when the engine is running idle speed motor spool and throttle seat at the deposition a lot of dirt, excessive accumulation of dirt, the engine will idle more than low idling stability is poor, with idling-stop occurs. To resolve this dilemma is basic: just cleaning the idle speed motor.

5, oil is smooth, which can conveniently lead halfway flame.

6, on account of increasing oil rates, coupled with all the numerous people today interested in regression - cycling and walking to function elevated, so the new car or truck does not use long-term parking. In truth, should really not parked to get a long time do not. In case the parking time is longer, you need to do a thorough upkeep ahead of re-use, replace the oil, filter, and so forth., and as the case verify the fuel circuit. Your automobile may possibly bring about long-term parking the lubrication or circuit troubles.

Mazda unstable idle right after cleansing throttle

An assembly car diagnostic tool of imported engines Hainan Mazda sedan. Auto clean throttle after idling high, in 1200r/min get down.

Pick-up: Take out the battery line to clear the original value of mastering idle returned to usual following the re-fitted. But driving some days following the emergence of minimal idle pace, clean throttle once again, and clear away the idle speed motor, this car idling motor rotary valve, cleansing the valve is closed, probably on account of this cause isn't cleaned clean idling motor is then removed from your throttle, and plug within the idling motor plug, turn the ignition switch, once the valve is open, refitted and re-cleaning agent valve, commissioning, standard idle.

Immediately after VAS 5054A numerous days of driving this automobile once again to restore the failure at this time is the idle velocity is also reduced, cold higher idle, reduced idle following scorching car or truck, barely capable to live auto. Fault code read through through the decoder, show "system normal". See the information stream, the information flow is just not quite exact, no reference value.

Soon after inspection, observed that this motor vehicle is equipped with exhaust gas recirculation gadget suspect this device hairpin, pass into the exhaust fuel for the intake manifold in the idle state, brought about by idling too reduced phenomenon.

Then take out ELM327 the valve checked and located that indeed, such as analysis, this valve is eliminated, then the motor a part of the seat part separate, direct hand pressure acting spool, certainly hairpin indicators, cleansing and thread loose agent lubricated, can be quickly pressed, mounted retest the car or truck, the engine idle velocity back to standard.

Summary: This vehicle is definitely the first failure is higher idle speed, the reason just isn't totally cleaning the throttle and idle valve, idle pace is also minimal failure later phenomenon, the idle reduced failure as the exhaust gas recirculation valve closed lax, leading to idling some exhaust fuel immediately after combustion is involved with the combustion induce unstable engine do the job, cause idling adverse. Real repair usually encountered this erratic idle poor fault phenomena, underneath usual conditions, can be regarded as the exhaust gas recirculation valve closed lax, to observe the construction from the versions later on upkeep, should the exhaust gasoline The recirculation device, take note of its servicing inside a timely method, in order to avoid very similar failures.

Chery to accelerate engine dysfunctional failure Lead to Option

Failure phenomenon auto diagnostic tool: through acceleration, the engine velocity may well not be a corresponding maximize, but dysfunctional, even flameout. The vehicle had cleaned the throttle physique, replace the spark plug failure remains.

Check analysis: the transfer of fault code display: 1, No. 34 and 35 in the engine ECU wiring disconnect. 2, battery failure. Learned from the circuit diagram, 34, because the major engine ECU ground wire, No. 35 for the engine ECU 12V power input, it truly is on the preliminary view the engine the ECU provide lines exist bad get hold of. So initially test the 34 principal ground wire, power provide fuse along with the engine ECU key relay No. 35, and observed that the the shaking engine ECU principal relay can occasionally Launch hear the sound of its contacts open. Then open the ECU key relay located its signs of damp, make contact with ablation. Replace the key relay after the test, have enhanced relatively but still accelerate sluggish. Receive fault code has no output, and every sensor injector is working, but discovered the fuel stress inside the fault seems far lower than the typical stress, it's concluded the problem with the fuel supply system. Check the fuel filter, strain regulator fuel pump, fuel pump velocity fluctuations fault seems, the fuel pump is not really functioning thoroughly, may possibly be as a consequence of the fuel pump itself might fuel pump line fault. Check the fuel pump supply line, fuel pump relay output voltage instability, then unplug the relay and open to inspection discovered its coil moist, make contact with ablation.

Troubleshooting: substitute the fuel pump relay after the check, the engine is working back to ordinary.

Assessment Summary: PDI Launch X431 GX3 consumer reflect lengthy in the past had cleaned the engine, clean the engine and trigger the engine ECU key relay and fuel pump relay inner moisture harm, which suggests that owners not use water to clean the engine.

Engine valve abnormal sound restore techniques

Ring within the valve car diagnostic tool outdoor valve leakage is extra evident while in the high-load, reduced speed, the sound is enhanced with all the load increases, mainly reaming valve seat dress in and tear on account of improper operation or valve guide bore an excessive amount of, so that the valve seat skewed or valve clearance, resulting in valve ablation trigger valve shut lax leak sound.

Treatment method system: Remove the cylinder head, grinding valve, check out valve spring stretch, re-adjust valve clearance.

(1) The valve percussion sound

Occurs once the engine is idling valve stem occurred in between the finish of their drive steady knocking sound, enhanced together with the pace increases, the engine temperature alter or off the fire when the sound did not transform.

Main factors:
Adjusted valve clearance changes (put on involving the lock is not strong, the valve stem with the drive member), the valve is not adjusted.

Worn Launch X431 GX3 valve adjustment screw locknut loose valve clearance is also large or inconsistent.

3 valve spring seat dress in from your tank, the valve rod and catheter dress in off pretty.

Method: re-adjust the a good valve clearance adjustment screw locknut loose must be securely locked, the substitute of badly worn components.

(2) broken valve spring ought to be replaced.

(3) valve seat ring, seat off

Valve seat Launch & X431 series surface roughness, substandard machining accuracy, the amount of interference optional seat improper Songkuang, improper selection in case of hot deformation is too big, or the valve seat inserts with craft undesirable.

Processing strategy: In accordance using the requirements of the assembly process re inlaid with valve seat flush on the face and body plane, the higher part Shuhei.

How to diagnosis the engine overheating

Engine auto diagnostic tool overheating is certainly a vicious failure, which right harm the engine, and in severe instances can lead to catching or strain from the piston plus the cylinder. So, the moment the engine overheating needs to be based upon its various manifestations, accurate diagnosis and timely exclude.

When all of a sudden overheated

Cars in operation, while in the case of your cooling process continues to be great, in the event the engine is suddenly overheating, primarily there are actually fundamentally the following:

1, the cooling procedure is actually a major leak coolant and overheat. Within this regard, might be straight with the observation of diagnostic and troubleshooting.

2, pump failure in the cooling water cycle interrupt and induce the engine to overheat. Then may be made use of to the touch technique to diagnose the certain signs and symptoms with the engine temperature is substantial, although the radiator, in particular its reduced temperature is decrease. In this regard, the response to the water pump restore or substitute the water pump.

3, the broken water pump belt and overheating. The cautious maintenance personnel or drivers is usually discovered by means of observation ammeter dynamic driving instructions to discharge or charge indicator lights even though the engine overheating, broken water pump belt.

4, the Launch & X431 series the Thermostat main valve off and stuck while in the inlet pipe, hinder large circulation of cooling water, the engine water jacket pressure increased rapidly when the pressure reaches a certain level (higher), the cooling water impulse catching the main valve to change position, conducting large circulation waterway. At this point, the boiling water with a lot of pressure impulse radiator cover appear strong "boil" phenomenon. This failure ought to replace the thermostat.

Lack of cooling water overheating
Cooling water water shortage You can find two instances: cooling water leakage or evaporation, water capacity is lower than the standard capacity.

1, the operation of your cooling water consumption excessive overheating. This shall check:

(1) water tank filled with water after, idling the engine, check the radiator, water pump the scuppers and Cooling ministries leakage phenomenon, if it should be excluded;

(2) whether there is water inside the check in the crankcase oil. Should the oil in water content response to engine the disintegration overhaul;

(3) Check whether the exhaust pipe drainage phenomenon. If so, it might be the cylinder pad washed out, so the water jacket and cylinder collusion. This should be checked and replaced the cylinder head gasket.

2, Cooling water Launch X431 GX3 capacity is reduced than the standard capacity and overheating. The inspection methods:

(1) scale excessive. Mainly from the long-term water as the coolant of the engine, as the mileage increases, the water in contact with the cooling water jacket wall, the cooling tube on the scale will be gradually thicker, primarily while in the higher temperature portion. This makes the cooling surface from the cooling system will seem to have a layer of insulating material, difficult time to disperse the heat generated by the engine for power and overheating. Excessive scale, the choice from the scale cleaning agent, in accordance with the instructions on the operation process to get rid in the scale.

(2) The tank is clogged. There was a liberation CA1091 car, often overheating. Capacity check, found far below the standard capacity, in the demolition in the water tank, the tank heavy original tank sludge, scale, yarn and other debris, a lot of your core tube blockage, clear fix overheating disappear.

Other causes overheating

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