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How to install V12.20.024 Toyota Techstream on Windows 7

Toyota TIS Techstream V12.20.024 new software  has been tested without issues on Windows 7 operation system and verified working like a charm.
Software version: V12.20.024 
Toyota Techstream 12.20.024 crack free download:
(It’s crack version. Does not need activation)
Operation system: Windows 7 32 bit
Toyota Teschstream v12.20.024 has been tested OK with:
Mini VCI cables (SV46, SV46-B), Mangoose VCI (SV46-C) and Vxdiag Vcx Nano for Toyota
mini vci
 Step 1: install Toyota Techstream 12.20.024 software
open Techstream 12.20.024 disk F:
copy all files to another new folder on Desktop
open Techstream 12.20.024 setup application
choose a setup language for installation
preparing setup
Next to install Techstream software
accept the agreement
enter the user name and company name, then Next
begin Techstream 12.20.024 installation
installing Techstream 12.20.024…
successfully installed Techstream
Finish Techstream v12 installation
Step 2: replace the MainMenu.exe
copy the MainMenu.exe
go to Techstream Properties on Desktop
open file location
paste and replace MainMenu.exe in Program files/toyota diagnostics/techstream/bin
Step 3: install MVCI driver
run MVCI driver for TOYOTA TIS SETUP
Next to install MVCI driver
installing MVCI driver
Finish MVCI driver installation
Step 4: register Techstream
run Techstream application on Desktop
Yes to continue
close the internet explorer
this is Toyota Techstream ver.12.20.024 interface
register Techstream software 12.20.024
it’s Techstream crack version
use key (attached to the Instructions.txt) to register
exit Techstream
Step 5: check MVCI fw version
run MVCI firmware update tool on Desktop
Device info
exit MVCI firmware update tool
Step 6: run Techtsream 12.20.024
run Techstream application on Desktop
Yes to continue
close the internet explorer
Techtsream 12.20.024 Windows 7 installation success!

How to Install Toyota Techstream 12.00.127 for MINI VCI

The newest Toyota Techstream software v12.00.127 is verified to work 100% with the MINI VCIcable, Xhorse MVCI ,VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota, Toyota OTC 2 diagnostic tool. So, Techstream 12.00.127 Windows 7 / Windows XP, how to install? Here are the Tis Techstream 12.00.127 installation demos and step-by-step installation guides of.
How to install Toyota Techstream 12.00.127 on Windows 7
Operation system:  Windows 7 (Windows XP also no issues)
Install Toyota Techstream V12.00.127 for MINI VCI/Xhorse MVCI:
Go to disk E: toyota mangoose
Open GTS_12.00.127_TME_NDSI application
Choose the Techstream setup language
Begin to install Techstream software
Accept the agreement
Enter the name and company
Techstream software is configuring your new software installation…
Click on Finish
Successfully installed Techstream 12.00.127 software!
Copy MainMenu application
Go to Techstream properties
Open File Location:…Program files/Toyota diagnostics/Techstream/bin
Copy and replace MainMen
Run MVCI Driver for TOYOTA to install (it’s in disk E:)
Begin to install MVCI driver
Installing MVCI driver for toyota tis…
Finish MVCI driver installation

Pop-up: instilling device driver software
Pop-up: your device is ready to use
Run MVCI Firmware Update Tool on Desktop
Run Techstream on Desktop
Pop-up: Java can be obtained from the web? NO!
Go to Setup->Techstream Configuration
Select Area: Europe, Language: English,
Add caption
Connect to Vehicle
Enter the new key with the help of “key” text in software disk:
Initializing USB communication
Connecting to vehicle…
Techstream 12.00.127 diagnose VIOS ok
This how-to’s is for users with MINI VCI, MVCI 3 in 1
For users with Toyota OTC2 diagnostic tool , please refer the video below:
How to install Techstream v12.00.127 for Toyota OTC2
Only differs from the driver installation!
Have fun!

Free Download Toyota V12.00.124 Techstream

Techstream 11 is and old story. Now, free download the newest TOYOTA TIS Techstream V12.00.124 software:!KJBRlQaC!WNKXptGws2SUeYnBw0N0zbkeA03EenPKFLr3_-l-e1k

(no pass but not activate, not tested by professionals)


For techstream login, go to ask for techstream key. It’s kind of Autokent who always offer free toyota techstream and help activate for all. BIG THANKS to Autokent.


But if you want toyota techstream crack that is activated and without passwords. Old versions are recommend:

Mini VCI Toyota TIS Techstream V10.30.029(customizing)

TVXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota Techstream V10.30.029(key programming)


techstream scan tool:

MINI VCI cable (xhorse mvci also ok to use with)



The most populous techstream software and cable is Mini vci cable,working perfect in basic obdii diagnosis and customizing settings.


But for toyota techstream key programming, you need Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota. This programming function has been tested without issues by engineers working at


So, toyota techstream price differs from what can be realized through techstream software. Techstream cable is usually for $16-$22


Reference: toyota techstream manual at

V11.20.019 Toyota TIS Techstream for ECU Programming

Here is the free download resource of Toyota Techstream V11.20.019, which enhances and adds a lot in functions like health check (diagnosis), customize setting, ecu programming and CAN BUS for many models.


Free download Techstream:

Techstream 11.20.019 – newest but unknown security!rRR3kIBJ!l-y7uP4i5oh6MksxAxFIKquorGLretTMyshEoIrNB7Y

Techstream 11.20.019 – newest and tested without issues

Techstream TIS 10.30.029 – without issues, safe


Toyota Teachstream V11.20.019 Update Info  
Category Vehicle System Function Content
Vehicle Coverage Covered all the models by October 2016.
New Functions PRIUS PHV DC Quick Charging Control Added new system “DC Quick Charging Control”.
RAV4, etc. Telematics ID Information Display Added new Utility “ID Information Display”.Description:This function displays the identification information of Telematics ECU.
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Middle Differential Pressure Valve State Check Added new Utility “Middle Differential Pressure Valve State Check”.Description:This function is used to confirm the state of Middle Differential Pressure Valve.
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Refrigerant Filling Mode Added new Utility “Refrigerant Filling Mode”.Description:This function is used to enter the Refrigerant Filling Mode.
PRIUS PHV Hybrid Control EV Mode Cruising Range Reset Added new Utility “EV Mode Cruising Range Reset”.Description:This function is used to reset the cruising range for EV mode.
PRIUS PHV HV Battery Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode Setting Added new Utility “Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode Setting”.Description:This function sets Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode when a vehicle is sold in an extremely cold region.
Functional Improvement PRIUS, etc Hybrid ControlHV BatteryMotor Generator Freeze Frame Data Added FFD Filter function.
Engine Activetest Changed display text of Information of “TC Terminal” to “This test activates the TC and TE1 terminal ON/OFF.”.
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor CAN Bus Check Modified the System Name of CAN Bus Check from “Rain Sensor” to “Rain and/or Humidity Sensor”.
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor System Selection Menu Modified the System Name of System Selection Menu from “Rain Sensor” to “Rain and/or Humidity Sensor”.
AURIS NRECROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZPRIUS ZVW5RC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Fuel Consumption Deleted “Injection Volume” displayed items on Fuel Consumption.
CROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZRC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Activetest Add display text of Information.D-4S (A/F Control)D-4S (Fuel Cut)D-4S (Injection Volume)AddWhen High Fuel Pressure Value is too high, it may prevent switching to Direct injection.Continuous long Port injection raises the fuel temperature due to the heat of the engine, resulting in the increase of High Fuel Pressure Value.Switch to Direct injection by driving the vehicle to lower the High Fuel Pressure Value.Please increase The Engine load as running an Air Conditioner and loading electric if Direct injection is not changed from Port injection.
Bug Fix RX Back Door DataListCustomize Fixed the bug;Data monitor / customize revised the problem which was not displayed by emblem sensor non-installation vehicle.



ECU programming function via Techstream only can be performed on VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota;

Xhorse Mini VCI cable can only do some easy diagnosis and customize setting, but not ecu programming.





Software requires activation. If you need the activation/registration/license code, please contact Mr.autokent in forum.

Techstream reset Lexus LX570 smart code

Test update from! Managed to reset immo smart code on 2016 Lexus LX570 using Toyota Techstream TIS v11.20.019, v11.00.019 and v10.30.029, all versions success. Here reports the results with photos of Techstream v11.00.019 as example.



Lexus LX570 2016 3eu-fe engine


Software version available to test:

Techstream TIS v10.30.029

Techstream v11.00.019

Toyota Techstream v11.20.019


Scanners tested with:



(both scanners work ok, but mini vci cable will not!)


NOTE: Immo reset function is only available in the North American region of the program. Not sure if lower version techstream will work. Try at your risk.


Prepare a working Techstream v11.00.019 software

Connect Techstream cable to LX570 and the laptop

Run Techstream v11.00.019 interface


Connect to vehicle


Finish vehicle information and click Next to go on


Select Smart Access


Click Utility on the left column

Then Smart code reset


Tick on I understand and confirm the drivers door open, then Next


Input VIN, then Next


Input Pass-Code number, then Next


Smart code reset failed, and try again


Back to the interface of “Welcome to the Smart Code Reset utility”

Again, tick on I understand and confirm the drivers door open to continue

Again, input VIN, then Next

Go to Techstream ImmoReset PassCode Calculator

Select versions and input VIN

Then click Get Pass-Code


Copy the Seed number to Techstream ImmoReset PassCode Calculator


Then click Generate to get Pass Code


Copy the Pass Code to Pass-Code Number, then Next


It will take 16 minutes for the reset to complete


Smart code reset by Toyota Techstream v11 SUCCESS.

Cheap solution to Scion 2009 XB Power Steering Problem

Here is the customer solution to Scion xB 2009 model power steering issue.



I am driving a Scion XB 2009 yr. So yesterday I went to leave work, and no power steering. Steering wheel light was on. Managed to drive it an hour and a half home and did some quick research. From my understanding, the car has electric steering and the ECU typically goes bad. I did pull the negative battery cable and waited over and hour. Reconnected, and started car and problem still existed. Shut car off, came out 45 min later to move it, and everything is fine. This morning, everything is still fine. Now possibly it is a fluke. But knowing the issues with these cars, i am planning for the worst. So my thought is to get a used PS ECU and prepare for replacement.  Can‘t afford for a dealer to do this for 800-1500US$.Has anybody done this?



I’m not totally sure this is the problem, but it’s worth the effort if you can get it cheap enough. There’s absolutely no reason to pay a dealer to do this, as you can do it yourself in no time at all with basic hand tools.


The referenced “remove instrument panel” points to a very large document, but basically, remove the radio trim and big piece above the steering wheel (as seen here) and look at this for reference. Not sure this is actually needed; you might be able to get by without:



Post-installation you’ll need to do a zero point calibration. If you have the cheap Xhorse Mini VCIToyota Techstream cable, just connect and go to Chassis > EMPS > Utility > Torque Sensor Adjustment and follow the instructions. If not, there’s a manual process you can do (I’ll have to dig up notes on it).


Scion xB 2009 Power Steering ECU Replacement

JDiag Elite J2534 Tested Great on Mercedes, Toyota, Mazda…

Obd365 engineers have done some tests on some models, including Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Mazda…with JDiag Elite J2534 diagnostic and programming tool.


The laptop in the bundle is what the engineer tested on. It is a new one with CPU: Intel 1037U, RAM: 4G, HDD: 500G, 11.6 Inch-screen, and installed software for 36 brands

Here, the engineer tests with WIN7 64Bit operating system.


This is the JDiag Elite J2534 interface from All software are pre-installed and tested ok before delivery.




Jdiag J2534 Elite tested on Mercedes Benz:


Xentry v2015.12 with Jdiag J2534 runs as well as that with MB SD connect c4, basic functions are tested. No issues.

-test diagnostics

Read & clear faults, and also read live data of ECUs (SRS, ABS, ASR…)–> good

-test programming

Support online programming



Jdiag J2534 + Xentry / DAS perform well like MB SD C4 in terms of diagnostics and programming. But comparesd with SD c4, it also has a few demerits:

not support WIFI and offline programming with 2015.12 software;

vehicle: Mercedes cars before 1998 are not available, and some Win7 Star software- hht win can”t work for S140 Classis diagnosis

StarFinder 2010, part of the circuit diagram can’t display
Jdiag J2534 work for Toyota:


Exactly the same as the mini vci cable with Techstream v10. Things the engineer did on Toyota:

reset steering angle sensor to get rid of annoying 10 degree off centered wheel;

read AHC pressures to correctly crank TBs;

adjusted headlight off and interior light delays;

turn on “unlock all doors” with one push on remote;


Jdiag J2534 can do what mini vci can do. Although the Techstream version is kind of old, most Toyota and Lexus models can be done with this.


Jdiag Elite J2534 work for Mazda:



It seems like the ELS27 FORScan scanner, no problem for diagnostics, like read and clear trouble codes… for 99% of Ford & Mazda models after 2000 and around 92% of models after 1996


This is test procedure on Mazda 6 with FORScan.


Test conclusion:

JDiag Elite J2534 is a good multi-diagnostic tool for compatible with many brands cars all over the world, for update free for life time. But if you want do for one model, we also recommend you to buy specified device at that some diagnostic cables will help save a lot

For more models, obd365 engineers will go on tests and reports here. Please wait for this. If you want to know more, refer to the software list below:

JDiag Quick Start Guide.pdf

JDiag Software Quick Start Guide.pdf


JDiag Elite J2534 Software List
Area Brand Diagnostic Programming Version Operating system  
USA GM GDS2 TISWeb 2016.02 Windows 7  
Ford Forscan Forscan 2.2.11  
Europe BMW ISTA/D ISTA/P ISTA-D 3.54.11



Windows 8.1  
BMW mini  
BMW Motorcycle  
VW ODIS ODIS V3.0.1 Windows 7  
Jaguar SDD SDD V142  
Land Rover  
Volvo VIDA VIDA 2014D  
Mercedes-Benz XENTRY / DAS XENTRY / DAS 2015.09  
Mitsubishi Fuso  
Japan HONDA HDS HDS 3.015.033 Windows 7  
Toyota Techstream Techstream V10.003  
Subru Select Monitor III/ IV Select Monitor III/ IV 2016  
Nissan Nissan J2534 ECU Tool Consult III plus V52.11  

Toyota Techstream V10.30.029 Installation Guide

TOYOTA Techstream 10.30.029 diagnostic software is verified working. Here is the step-by-step software installation guide by


Software Version: V10.30.029

Techstream cable:

The software interface supports Techstream (Mangoose VCIMINI VCI with 16 pin cable, Mini VCI 22-PINXhorse MVCI  etc) for Toyota, Scion and Lexus makes.



Techstream V0.30.29 installation viddeo download

1)Intall Tecshtream Setup

Open software CD or download Toyota Techstream software

Open and install Toyota Techstream 10.30.029 setup


Select software setup language,click Next


Click Next

Accept license agreement

Click Next

Enter User Name and Company Name,click Next


Click Install

Click Finish when installshiled wizard complete


2) Install software driver

Open software folder

Install MVCI Driver for TOYOTA


Click Next

Click Finish when complete the MVCI for Toyota TIS Setup

Copy MainMenu Application on software folder

Right click Techstream software on desktop

Click Find Target, paste and replace the MainMenu Application file on the bin folder


Connect the Toyota Techstream cable to the vehicle and then install device driver

Open Tecshtream software on desktop

Click No

Launch software

Click Setup tab->Techstream Configuration

Select Area


Select software language



3) Register/Activate TIS Techstream

Click Connect to Vehicle function button on the left, the system will require to enter registration  key

Open “serie” Notepad on software folder


Copy and paste the key to New key column


Click OK

Initializing USB Communication

Select vehicle information


Select engine module and the function you want to carry out



Mini vci Toyota Techstream v10.30.029 download

TOYOTA Techstream 10.30.029 is released at and verified working. Techstream v10.30.029 software can be downloaded free here.


Free download TOYOTA TIS Techstream 10.30.029 software:!qUoSRLZL!cGn74vplgBIsPy0II2PpBYIGtbuP7SLoSgKgpDOD7iE


Software version: v10.30.029

Multi-Language:English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


Techstream compatible hardware cables:
The software interface supports Techstream (Mangoose VCIMINI VCI with 16 pin cable, Mini VCI 22-PINXhorse MVCIVXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota etc) for Toyota, Scion and Lexus makes.

Techstream O/S requirement:
XP or “XP Mode” in Windows 7 (except win 7 home)
A part of users use VMware and XP Professional.

Toyota Techstream 10.30.029 software display:

toyota-tis-10.30.029-1 toyota-techstream-1030029-2 toyota-techstream-1030029-3 toyota-techstream-1030029-4 toyota-techstream-1030029-5

How to connect Techstream?
USB port plugs to laptop, the other end goes to the OBD2 port.
NOTE: You can put on top of the installed versions or from scratch.

MINI VCI Techstream program Toyota Prius key fob

I am driving a Toyota Pruis III 2010. I have lost my key last month. I have original key in hand and I need to program it. The dealer wants $165 to do so.

After hundreds of tries, spending several hours to force the used key I got at $65 off ebay to be programmed to my car.  I made a little walk through to help those who needed.

Tools needed:
1. Key fob from ebay
2. Toyota Techstream software 10.10.018
3. A compatible cable (I am using Xhorse made MINI VCI)
4. Seed Reset Code/PassCode (Toyota Security Professional Subscriber or ICC Immo Code Calculator Software or VPC100 pin code calculator)
Toyota Techstream mini vci

Well, I had some trouble to obtain the passcode. It’s another story. I cannot afford ICC Immo calculator and there was no owner around my area. So I searched and stumbled upon the VPC-100. I was suggested buying the VPC-100 100 tokens for cheap $29.99, did not buy the device (the device is a little bit cost). I registered and calculated the Seed Number->Passcode on official website.
VPC-100 toyota seed number

1. Get your FOB that you want to add programmed to start the car, which is the immobilizer ECU part, you can do it by Tecshrteam.
2. From Tecshrteam, select “Smart Key ECU”, select “Utilities” and then chose “Smart Key Reset”, this will erase all smart keys registered to your car and give you the ability to register two used fobs. This step will require the Seed Reset Number. Enter the passcode you got from VPC website. The Operation will take 16 minutes to reset the ECU.
3. After reset the ECU, Select “Register Smart Key” from the Smart Key ECU menu

I then have tested other Pruis year 2007, 2005, both worked.

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