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How to use Allscanner VXDIAG A3 for BMW JLR VAG

This post topic: How to use 2017 Allscanner VXDIAG A3 scanner to diagnose, program and code BMW, VAG, Jaguar and Land Rover.
VXDIA A3 wins ICOM VAS5054 SDD at:
  1. VXDIAG A3 function & vehicle coverage = BMW ICOM + VAS 5054a + JLR SDD. It covers BMW, LAND ROVER & JAGUAR, VW also latest DOIP and perform diagnose, programming, coding etc. With newest software ISTA-D V40.01 ISTA-P V3.59 , SDD V148 & ODIS 4.0.
  2. VXDIAG A3 price $429 < BMW ICOM price + VAS5054 price + JLR SDD price (cost more than $600)
  3. No OS limited, A3 works on: XP, WIN 7/8/8.1/10;
  4. Client requirement: Browser: IE 11+ and google Chrome
Step –by –step on how to use VXdiag A3?
Incl. Allscanner VXDIAG A3 scanner Install VX Manager, USB driver, OEM driver, and run Original Factory Diagnosis Software.
Step 1. Firstly install VX    Manager
Browse , download and install “VX manager” driver (VXManager Installation steps:
1. Run VX Manager.exe to setup
2. Click [Next]
3. Select [I accept the agreement],then click [Next]
4. During installation, disconnect USB cable to the PC, then click [Next]
5. Software Installing……
6. VXDIAG SDK Driver installing……
7. Setup [Finish]
Setup complete. The shortcut will create on the desktop.
Connection device and run VX Manager, The information of device will be displayed in “Device Manager”.
Step 2. Connect VXDIAG A3 by USB or WIFI
Hardware USB Connection or WiFi Connection
Connect OBDII cable to the vehicle 16pin diagnostic port, and USB cable to the computer.
Hardware WiFi Connection
Here step – by –step guide:
Step 3. Installation OEM Driver for JLR SDD, ODIS and BMW ICOM
Click [Diagnostic Apps] tab on VX Manager software interface, then click [My Apps]
Click [JLR SDD] and you will get a driver installation window, then click [Install]
If JLR SDD have been installed, then click [Update] to Update JLR SDD driver.
“Install Complete” click [close]
Next is to install / update ODIS 4.0 and BMW ISTA-D V40.01 ISTA-P V3.59.
Here Step –by –step procedure
Step 4. Buy License and Update
If you want to add more vehicle brands, contact dealer to provide VXDIAG SN, buy License .
Here on how to buy license and update:
1.Check the S/N on the back of the VXDIAG main unit
2. Buy License
Contact your dealer to provide VXDIAG SN, buy License. License list
3. Update License
1). Buy License
2). After buy License, connection VXDIAG to PC
3). Start [VX Manager]
4). Click [Device Manager]->[Information],then click [License]
After License updated, then installation OEM driver. For example, Buy JLR SDD license, then Installation JLR SDD Driver
How to update VXdiag A3 OBD2 scanner firmware?
VXDIAG Firmware Upgrade procedure:
1. Connection VXDIAG to PC
2. Start [VX Manager]
3. Click [Device Manager]
4. Click [Information]
5. Click [Firmware]
6. Click [Upgrade] to Upgrade Firmware.
During Upgrade, do not disconnect VXDIAG connected PC
VXDIAG software update: after the newest software is released, you will be noticed to update. I am sure for VCM, Jaguar and Land rover, VXDIAG software is always newest.
VXDIAG A3 Diagnostic Tool Video Guide:
BMW F18 Coding by VXDIAG A3 BMW E-sys 3.27.1
JLR Jaguar Land rover Service Reset by Allscanner VXDIAG SDD
How to use Allscanner VXDIAG JLR dataloger function

How to set up Techstream on VAS 5054 pass thru

Here is a customer solution to make Toyota Techstream 10.30.029 & Honda HDS 3.016.033 work with vas 5054a interface. Good luck!


First, free download different Techstream and HDS installation Kits!5wQ0UDJJ!BFnI-KgJurqgceVUe5wweQ

Inside you will find different versions for XP and Windows 7 for Techstream and Honda HDS
Part 1: How to get VAS 5054A to work with Toyota Techstream 10.30.029

VAS5054A with Toyota Techstream as Passthru

Install Techstream
Install PassThru drivers for VAS 5054
Connect head to PC and 12V.
Open Techstream and configure interface.


Part 2: How to get VAS5054A to work with Honda HDS 3.016.033

Test HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) maybe will work also 🙂

1. Install your VAS5054A passthru driver.

2. Download download and install now the Honda HDS

3. Finish your installation…

4. Connect VAS5054A to PC and 12V(car or on bench)

5. Load your HDS > click on the famous F12 button and choose your VAS5054A Head.

6. Connect your VAS 5054A to the car then to your laptop & start your work…


ps. VAS 5054a do see VCI when loading techstream/HDS?

I installed passthru driver windows 7 x32.
But the driver , it seems to me , do not see the VCI.
This VAS 5054A clone Bluetooth interface works with ODIS S and ODIS-E properly





Problem solved.
1. Install D-PDU_API V1.20.23 FW 2.20.23
2. Re-install SAEJ2534-1 for VAS 5054A Version
3. Re-configure VAS5054A with serial number

And all works, now only test OK.

The problem was the serial number bad configured , all 5054a clones have 082145725. It is risky to configure the adapter.

vas-5054a-see-vci-1 vas-5054a-see-vci-2

BTW, Techstreeam work on ford vcm2 and gm mdi multiple interface like a charm, not need to do any change on the J2534 interface!!!

Credit to Fantomel

How to set up VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 7

How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, window xp? Here came out the test report of crack ODIS 4.0.0 system requirement and Bluetooth vas504a with OKI chip vag diagnostic tool compatibility, also with odis 4.0.0 reviews and FAQs, released by


ODIS 4.0.0 system requirement report:

VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 Windows 7 32bit………..CONFIRMED!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 10………………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 8………………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 7 64 bit………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows XP………………………..need luck!


ODIS 4.0.0 & VAS 5054A test report:


sp33-b VAS 5054A ODIS……………WORKED



sp33-d…………….NOT worked

sp33-c…………….NOT worked



ODIS 4.0.0 download:

Odis 4.0.0 download on Mega

new ODIS-S 4.0.0 ONLY no launcher

ODIS 4.0 + Postsetup +launcher + Keygen+ licence.rar

ODIS 4.0.0 torrent without password


(Recommend!!) download ODIS 4.0.0: tested working 100% : via



How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 7 32 bit?

Open odis 4.0.0 disk E:

Copy all the files (odis 4.0.0.part1-odis 4.0.0.part17)

Paste them in on a new folder established in local disk D:


Extract the rar file

Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0

Open OffboardDiagSetup-Service application

Select language


Click on OK

Next to begin installation of Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service 4.0.0



License file selection- search: license.dat



Installing odis…

Trust the software and install

Finish ODIS 4.0.0 installation


No need restart the computer now


Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/regedit ODIS 4.0.0/Volkswagen

Copy OffboardDiagLauncher application

Open Offboard Diagnostic Information System Properties on Desktop

Open file location: C:/Program files/Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service

Paste, copy and replace the existed file


Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/Windows6.1-KN3033929-x86

Click on Yes to install Windows software update (KB3033929)


Installation complete


Restart now!


Run Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop

Run ODIS as administrator

Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/regedit ODIS 4.0.0/Volkswagen

Run KEY application

Copy the Hardware ID in odis to generate the registration key


Then copy the the registration key to odis to register


In Offboard Diagnostic Information System Postsetup

Select local directory: disk D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/postsetup

Enter user name: abc, keyword: abc


Select the Postsetup language:: Here: English (US)


Postsetup update result



Downloading files…

Then go to diagnosis


Read the Warnings/notes, then OK

Then end ODIS


Prompt: installing device driver software

Prompt: vas5054 device driver software installed successfully


Go to computer management

Select device manager->softing vehicle interface->vas5054



Again, open Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop

Cancel to open a file

Release notes: OK

Read the Warnings/notes, then OK

Click on Starting diagnosis


Check ignition ON, continue

Select a vehicle: volkswagen 3c passat 2007 (7) sedan engine: bsf 1.6l simos/75kw


Vas 5054a odis 4.0.0 read fault codes of 3c passat 2007 (7)






This is the how-to’s of vas 5054 odis 4.0.0 customer installation:

If you want to use only one brand:
1. Install OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_4_0_0-B40_5_0_1
2. When asking for licence, use licence provided in 1st post (Audi, VW or SK). The licence you use will determine what car brand your ODIS will cover.
3. After install, reboot
4. Replace ODIS launcher with the one provided
5. Run the launcher, copy the hardware ID. close it.
6. run the keygen, create your key from the Hardware ID, (I personnaly ticked “Executions” and input “1000” so I can run it 1000 times before the licence expires.
7. Run ODIS launcher AS ADMINISTATOR, paste your key.
8. ODIS will launch and ask for post setup.
9. UNZIP post setup archive and point ODIS to your UNZIP folder.
10. Enjoy.

If you want to use multiple brands:
1. Install OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_4_0_0-B40_5_0_1
2. When asking for licence, use licence provided in 1st post (Audi, VW or SK). The licence you use will determine what car brand your ODIS will cover.
3. After install, reboot
4. Replace ODIS launcher with the one provided
5. Run the launcher, copy the hardware ID. close it.
6. run the keygen, create your key from the Hardware ID, (I personnaly ticked “Executions” and input “1000” so I can run it 1000 times before the licence expires.
7. Run ODIS launcher AS ADMINISTATOR, paste your key.
8. ODIS will launch and ask for post setup… close the program.
9. Rename ODIS installation folder (example ….. AU or ….. VW)
10. Change your desktop shortcut
12. UNZIP post setup archive and point ODIS to your UNZIP folder.
13. Repeat for each brand
14. Enjoy.



ODIS 4.0.0 officially released notes:

This release contains new features and bug fixes.
New functions
 Support for Windows 10 operating system
 Performance optimization in the diagnostic entry
 Detection of the VAS 6154 via subnets
 Support for non-converging measurements in the GFF
 Integration of the brand Bugatti
 Deviation in the EcuCom job for “ECU coding” KWP2000
 ODIS installation error message – Could not call proc – Actia PDU API
 Flashing with large data container, flash session is not started
 Fuel system can not be vented // Level not readable
 Flash abort ERROR PROGRAMMING at Audi A1 Bremse (TPI 2033217/3)
 ODIS crashed when switching from USB to Bluetooth
 Bluetooth connection type: No new connection was established after the diagnostic test was again within range of the VAS5054A.
 Crash at application start
 Update to 3.0.2 fails with ODS4010E: UpdateProcess failed with 11
 Query error memory hangs: “Read control units (33%)”
 Connection setup when changing from Bluetooth to USB takes too long

 Authentication problem in WLAN infrastructure mode with RADIUS server
 VAS 6154 is searched for on the wrong interface after completion of the diagnostic session
 ODIS service SingleBuild installation, setup message “Runtime Error” for recovered testers
 DA_14 in the AU48X DSD not possible
 VCI 5054 Connection termination for Windows user change
 ODIS Interface texts: German texts have been deleted from the XML files (vaudas.texts)
 ODIS Service does not display the version of the diagnostic data for MAN in the correct format.
 Calibration instruction must be adjusted
 Buttons are displayed partially in the wrong language (German instead of English).
 The symbol of the status icon changes with the ODIS close
 Buttons to start the JRC and choose your own exam is missing
 The date in disclaimer with EN-US language is not displayed correctly
 In the installation dialog, the language en_US is displayed twice
 Speech caseback leads to corrupt feedback file (invalides XML)
 Vehicle project VW VIN can not be opened // ODS8003E Execution in system state PROJECT_OPENED not possible.
 VCI-Number on DISS-protocol
Vehicle restrictions
 For brand AUDI, the Flash mode is supported.
 For brand Volkswagen PKW, the Flash mode is only partly supported. The usage is only allowed if described in TPI.
 For all other brands, Flash mode is restricted.
Supported Vehicles
All supported vehicles are listed below.
Supported AUDI-Models
 All AUDI-Models are supported.
Supported Volkswagen-Models
 All Volkswagen-Models are supported.
Supported Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models
 All Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models are supported.
 Only immobilizer components in LT2 vehicles can be diagnosed.
Supported Seat-Models
 All Seat-Models are supported.
Supported Skoda-Models
 All Skoda-Models are supported.
Supported Bentley-Models
 All Bentley-Models are supported.
Supported Lamborghini-



ODIS 4.0.0 reviews from vas5054a users:

– for me i got it working vw and audi ,just used 2 difrent pc’s but i got it working by running launcher in xp service pack3 compatibilty mode and as administrator this is on my Win7 64bit.
did not test it yet but audi and vw is running will see later if it actualy works but so far so good


– I can make online programming


– All online functions​ needs a valid subscription


– Do not use the idiotic Windows 8 or 10 and install under Windows 7 64bit 


– Running on win7 as admin.


Win 7 need to use.


– I have ODIS-S 4.0.0 and ODIS-E 6.7.5 all marks in one license



Vas 5054a odis 4.0.0 FAQ:

Here are frequently asked and questions of odis 4.0.0.

– Anyone knows if the post setup are different for USA and euro market ?

– The PS is different for Eu vs. Usa since Odis v3.x.x


– I tried several times to include multiple brands. It looks as licensing is the problem and post-setup update is not picking up brands other than the one that is licensed. 

– To fix the license issue you need to go into the installation directory and open license location with notepad++ and make the change like you did to the installation directory for e.g. (…… AU or ……. VW)

or just use X-COPY and make a single starter file with choices. all rights reserved, original post How to Install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Win 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP

How to Setup VAS 5045A ODIS 3.0.3 on Win 7

Here engineer shows you step by step how to install VAG diagnostic tool Bluetooth VAS 5054A ODIS 3.0.3 Postseup 9.3.10 on Windows 7 system.
ODIS 3.0.3 installation steps… here you go.
Go to the folder F:\01.Setup
Run OffboardDiagSetup-Service3_0_3 application
Select the setup language
Click on Next
Select the license file, click on Browse: F:\02. Patch License\license.dat
Then Next
Installing Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service…
Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
Continue installing ODIS…
Finish installing ODIS
No need restart your computer now
Go to F:\02. Patch License
Copy OffboardDiagLauncher application
Open Offboard Diagnostic Information System Properties
Open File Location
Paste (copy and replace) OffboardDiagLauncher in C:\Program Files\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service
Run  Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop
Offboard Diagnostic Information System Postseup- Configuration data input
Select local directory: F:\Postsetup 9.3.10\postseup\update
Enter the user name and key word: both abc
Select the installed language (here: English)
Update check results
Downloading… (about 1 hour)
File download: save this file or program online to open it? Click on Cancel
Read the warning/notes and close
Release Notes: OK
Pop-up: installing device driver software
Pop-up: VAS5054a device driver software installed successfully
Go to Computer Management
Device manager->Sorting vehicle interface-> VAS5054
Again, run  Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop
File download: save this file or program online to open it? Click on Cancel
Release Notes: OK
Warning/notes: OK
Go to Diagnosis
Start diagnosis
Pop-up: Check if the ignition is switched on the vehicle that will be connected before continuing
Select a model: Volkswagen, 3C- Passat 2006>, the 2007 year, Sedan, BLX 2.0L Motronic/110kW

How to install ODIS Engineering ODIS-E on Windows 8

Tips for sharing to have ODIS-Engineering (ODIS-E) installed and run on Windows 8 operation system, to use with Bluetooth vas 5054a interface or vxdiag vcx nano 5054 diagnostic tools….. Here you go….
Officially, Odis Service supported for now only under Windows 7 64bit……….
The latest Odis Engineering 7.1.3 supported from latest Windows 8 or 8.1 but again for to run needs the compatibility mode!!!!!!!
1 Note on installing ODIS engineering on Windows 8
2 Creation of the hardware key for license generation
3 Installing the ODIS Engineering application
4 Start the application ODIS Engineering
Note: vas 5054a odis source recommendation: is a man of his word to trust in
1 Note on installing ODIS engineering on Windows 8
ODIS Engineering is not released for operation with the operating system Windows 8. This workaround is used only for the commissioning of ODIS Engineering under Windows 8 for test purposes. Please follow the steps below to successfully run Windows 8 on your system.
2 Creation of the hardware key for license generation
  • Set the compatibility mode of the “HardwareInfo_de_W7.exe” file to “Windows 7”.
  • To do this, right-click on the file and select “Properties”. (See Figure 1)
select “Properties
  • Select the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Set “Compatibility Mode” to Windows 7 (see Figure 2)
Compatibility Mode” to Windows 7
  • Confirm the change with “Ok”.
3 Installing the ODIS Engineering application
  • After you have received the license, you can start the installation of ODIS Engineering.
  • Set the compatibility mode of the setup file to “Windows 7”.
  • To do this, right-click on the file and select “Properties”. (See Figure 3)
right-click on the file and select “Properties
  • Select the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Set “Compatibility Mode” to Windows 7 (see Figure 4)
Set “Compatibility Mode” to Windows 7
  • Confirm the change with “Ok”.
4 Start the application ODIS Engineering
  • After installing ODIS Engineering, you must still configure the compatibility mode of “OffboardDiagLauncher.exe”.
  • To do this, right-click on the file and select “Properties”. (See Figure 5)
select “Properties
  • Select the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Set “Compatibility Mode” to Windows 7 (see Figure 6)
Compatibility Mode” to Windows 7
  • Confirm the change with “Ok”.
Enjoy and good luck!

VAS 5054A ODIS Engineering ODIS-E 6.7.5 on Mega

ODIS-E 6.7.5 possible to work? Here are some vag ODIS Engineering software v6.7.5 to download for free and test with vas 5054a or vxdiag vcx nano 5054. Obdii365 engineers now are testing files below, and will report the result here.


(Testing) ODIS-E 6.7.5 full packed!KgUSwQoL!ViPvSvL0tQa8nXWu9AycUJK_-_M_RwFz5J_SnprYdzc Password: Kurwa


(Testing) Launcher for ODIS Engineering 6.7.5!ks5ThSaT!BOeAxGKJ06_4hs6T-2B8XngTW77TZgwqWj-ri59TRhY


(Failed) ODIS-E 6.7.5 – PostSetup ISO!P4xlWKJa!f2YmG2AU1Zy4dyWYhmBIXLX4qbLq3hM-BgaLBC_A114

The potsetup is correct but does not have the files with xml extension, or which is the way to extrude them

* Obdii365 engineers verified it’s not working


(Testing) Postsetup_eng_6.7.5.txt!n8lFEDga!_Vtu2qXOUpvb0bFhIqGleQ Postsetup 6.7.5 from china server with correct folder locations/names on mega server.

(Testing) ODIS-E 6.7.5 KeyGen!b1BRxaBY (1.8 MB)!RvoPjbvbBTc4dvomSp7DyMUpw1iEpWbcBnRlNAkgQcMNo password needed Here is the KEY Gen software so you can just generate your own KEY
FYI The HW-ID is brought up when you load ODIS-E the first time and any time the hardware is changed.

(Tested OK) ODIS-E 3.0.3

It’s kind of old, but the crack has been tested without any issues. Definitely safe to use it with VAS 5054A, VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 diagnostic tool. Works good in basic diagnosis, key programming, ecu programming, and offline flash also.

(BIG THANKS to all contributor!)

How to install VAG CAN PRO clone 5.5.1 is rolling out the VAS 5054A replacement—VAG PRO VCP 5.5.1 diagnostic, coding and programming tool – run much faster and better than ODIS 3.0.3.


Computer requirement:

Windows XP or Windows 7
Processor: 700 Mhz or faster,
256Mb RAM,
1 USB ports available.


Language: English, Czech, Danish, German, Hrvatski, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish


Compatible device: VAG VCP interface


Top reasons for VAG CAN-PRO:
1. better and faster than VAS 5054A ODIS 3.0.3
2. supports diagnosis, offline coding and programming
3. No engineer codes required for coding or programming
4. Supports CAN BUS, UDS, K-line


How to install VAG PRO VPC v5.5.1 on WinXP and Win7?


run and install WinRAR 5.31 in Computer/DVD Drive (E:) VCP6


unzip vcp6.rar

copy Driver VCP folder to Desktop



For Windows XP users, please go to Computer management to select USB human interface device.


For Windows 7 users, select USB input device in Computer management, when USB input device installed (pop-up window)


device driver software was not successfully installed (pop-up window)

then select VCP for Update driver software


browse: Desktop/ Driver VCP

device driver software was not successfully installed (pop-up window)

then select USB serial port for Update driver software


browse: Desktop/ Driver VCP

successfully updated driver software


select USB serial port (COM4) and USB serial converter


then run vag can pro application on Desktop

VCP 5.5.1 supports CAN, K-Line, CAN->K-Line, K-Line->CAN


change the software language in setting options


VCP 5.5.1 supports ECUs: engine, gearbox, abs,a/c, airbag, instruments awd, immo, navi, steering assist, centr. conv. radio, and more



go to Engine, then connect


then go to additional function: guided function















Video Guide:

How to install VAG Pro V5.5.1 on Windows XP?

VAS 5054a ODIS 3.0.1 keeps asking for update

Some 5054a users complaint that their VAS 5054A ODIS update interface always pops up, and here is the useful solution to turn off the update sreen, which works for ODIS 3.01 or ODIS 2.2.4.
Update – Invoeren van configuratiegegevens

Met de update kunt u de onderdelen van het

Programma bijwerken

(Update – Entering configuration data

The update allows the components of the

program Update)


Understandable solutions here offered by experienced users:
make folder like this: “c:\PostSetup\Odis\Trade-Retail\Software\Update\”
now put the file “site.xml” from PostSetup in the update folder
now in ODIS, go to Admin – Verbindungen – Mirror Server 2 – Mirror Server URL you must write “file:/C:/PostSetup”
When ODIS now check for Update no avaible
With every Update like the 6.50.20, you must copy the new site.xml to update folder.
Works 100% with ODIS 2.24 and also works very good with odis 3.0.1 and 3.0.2.

Bluetooth VAS 5054a ODIS 3.0.1Win7 on torrent

VAG diagnostic software Bluetooth vas 5054a ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic Information System) is newly released to V3.0.1+PostSetup 9.0.10  in


The  ODIS software is the program that provides you with an interface that complies with SAE J2534 (diagnostic interface). This software enables you to diagnose all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini brand vehicles.

Furthermore, you have access to the following information during the vehicle diagnosis:

– Vehicle data
– Workshop Manuals
– Circuit diagrams
– Field measures
– Technical product information

This information is exclusively available within the diagnostics software during an active diagnostics session.


Software version: V3.0.1

Operating system: Windows 7 professional (NO WIN XP!!!)


English/ Japanese/ Portuguese/ Romanian/ Korean/ Dutch/ Polish/ Turkish/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Croatian/ Danish/ German/ Swedish/ Finnish/ Slovenian/ Czech/ Russian/ Greek/ Chinese
Tips: The ODIS 3.0.1 will automatically detect your computer system language. If your system is in English,the software installed will display in English. If your system is in Japanese,the ODIS software on your system will be in Japanese.  One system,one language.

vas-5054a-odis-301-win7-1 vas-5054a-odis-301-win7-2

ODIS 3.0.1 Compatible China clone VAS 5054 interface:

VAS5054a Bluetooth for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat (SP33)

VAS 5054A ODIS Bluetooth with OKI Chip (SP33-C)

Best Price VAS 5054 ODIS with OKI Chip and Bluetooth(SP33-BO)

VAS 5054A ODIS Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool  (SP33-B)



Customer share torrent:!a98HARIa!WoGBCr1KLHPZOBJE4BfSZL4-SeNkFDfcXli13RxJ97w

ODIS 3.0.1 VMware on torrent!TQ0SCb6L!tWaipizz5uFli-EqS12hkQ

Customer tested results:
1. confirmed, it works with vas5054a clone with OKI chip, thank you very much !!! excellent work!!!! I was tested with a 2016 vw golf mk7

2. I also tested it with 5054A with OKI. It works.
I had to disable the USB3.0 to and set it to USB 2.0 to have the VAS seen by the ODIS.


If you need our official torrent,please contact customer service. If you had problem in installing ODIS 3.0.1 on your Windows 7 system,please install our Win 7 system.

VAS 5054A ODIS 2.27 installation and Bluetooth setting

VAS 5054A ODIS diagnostic software for VAG Volkswagen VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley & Lamborghini is newly updated to 2.2.7 version with PostSetup 6.70.150 in obd365. Here is the instruction on installing ODIS V2.27.


Software version: ODIS 2.2.7 + Postsetup 6.70.150+ free license
Hardware: The new ODIS 2.27 software works with vas 5054 interface pass-thru SP33SP33-BSP33-C and SP33-BO ( SP33-D invalid!!!)

Multi-language:  English/ Japanese/ Portuguese/ Romanian/ Korean/ Dutch/ Polish/ Turkish/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Croatian/ Danish/ German/ Swedish/ Finnish/ Slovenian/ Czech/ Russian/ Greek/ Chinese

Operating system: Windows 7 (32-bit is better)

vas-5054a-odis-v2-2-7-1vas-5054a-odis-v2-2-7-2vas-5054a-odis-v2-2-7-3ODIS engineering 2.2.7 software installation on Win 7:
Main steps:
Step1: Install Driver
Step 2: Install ODIS software
Step 3: Activate/Validate license
Step 4: Mount PostSetup-6.70.150
Step 5: Activate ODIS 2.2.6
Step 6: Change VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update value
Step 7: Connect vas 5054 interface via USB
Step 8: Bluetooth connection

ODIS 2.2.7 Video Installation Guide

Step1: Install Driver
Copy and paste Daemon-Tools- zip file to desktop
Unzip the file
Open Daemon-Tools- folder, mount “InstalGadget” and run as administrator
Accept security warning, click “Install”
Adding virtual device
Click “Install”
System will detect driver and automatically install it

Step 2: Install ODIS software
Open Daemon-Tools folder on desktop
Open 01.Setup folder
Open ODIS-S v2.2.6-RC369L-P6-Setup
Select language
Install Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service setup, click “Continue”
Select target folder, press “Continue”
Select language again
Press “Continue” until the system asks to select the license file
Search license file to C:ODIS-2.2.6/02.Patch License/license.dat

Press Continue
Configuring Microsoft Visual C++2005
Click “Finish” when ODIS setup is well installed

Step 3: Activate/Validate license
Open ODIS 2.2.7 CD
Open 02.Patch License folder
Copy OffboardDiagLauncher and follow next step
Right click Offboard Diagnostic System Service software on desktop>>Properties>>Open File Location>> paste and replace OffboardDiagLauncher on the existing folder
Open Daemon tools folder
If the system prompts “unable” to find activated DAEMON Tools Lite license, press “Continue”
Choose license type: Free license and click “Activate”
Click “Validate” to confirm license info.
License was validated successfully.


Step 4: Mount PostSetup-6.70.150

Add image to “Image Catalog”

Browse image to C:/ODIS 2.2.6/03.Postsetup 6.70.150/ Postsetup 6.70.150

Mount PostSetup-6.70 iso


Step 5: Activate ODIS 2.2.6

Open ODIS v2.2.7 software on desktop

Select Local directory to BD-ROM Drive (G:100)/Postsetup

Enter activation User name: abc and Keyword: abc (both low-case “abc”), press forward arrow to see Postsetup version


Press forward arrow to download 384 files file, the procedure takes about 30 minutes

Download completely will open ODIS automatically

ODIS release notes information

Click “Admin” on the right

Select software language

Exit the ODIS


Step 6: Change VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update value

Open readme Notepad on software folder, follow Step 10-14

In “C:programfiles/Offboard_Daignostic_Information_System_Service_configuration/.settings/ org.eclips e.internal.prefs” change “VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update=…” to “0”

Follow this Click ODIS software on desktop->Click Properties->Open File Location->choose configuration file->settings-> org.eclips e.internal.prefs->Select a program from a list of installed programs->OK

Select Notepad, click OK
Change “VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update=…” to “0”
Save file
Login ODIS with user name and keyword (same as above)

Wait the system to download data files

Back to ODIS and then exit the program


Step 7: Connect vas 5054 interface via USB

Connect vas5054a interface with computer and vehicle

System will automatically install vas 5054a device driver

Open Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Softing Vehicle Interface>> VAS5054 to make sure well communication is built


Run ODIS software on desktop

Press “Start diagnosis”

Turn ignition switch

Select vehicle information, model, year, engine etc


Select model and function your need diagnose


Step 8: Bluetooth connection

If you need to diagnose wirelessly, follow these steps to add Bluetooth.

Tick the Bluetooth icon on toolbar, click “Add a device

Select “VAS5054” and add to device


Enter Bluetooth pair password: 082145725


Open Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>> check Com port was set to COM4 >>Network adapters Bluetooth Device to check Bluetooth connection is well built

Open ODIS Service Diagnostic Interface Configurator on desktop

Click “Add EDIC

Select “VAS5054” to install


Select Local Bluetooth COM Port (COM4)

Run ODIS software

Star diagnose vehicle wirelessly

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